Apostatic apostrophe of the day

grammar JULY no class'es2

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USA! USA! (Unusually Stupid Americans, that is …)

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The best “Why English is Stupid” sign of the week

horse worse sign

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How to have a happy (-ish) 4th of July

July 4 park rules freedom

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Just in time for the 4th: Great moments in patriotic spelling

rember july 4

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from the Brand Names that Don’t Quite Work in the U.S. department


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A Blast from the Past — an ad from the Mad Men era … when even lard could look exciting and cool! (Well, kind of.)

RETRO FOOD lard ad

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Police blotter item of the day: Just in time for Canada Day

POLICE BLOTTER merely canadians

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Vital newspaper correction of the day

JUNE cocaine not crack

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from the Department of Pretty Bad Planning

JULY 4 fireworks

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Meanwhile, in a desperate bid to get viewers, CNN still keeps it, er, classy

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from the Not Very Good Restaurant Name files: I’ve heard their food is crappy.


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Public Service Announcement of the Day, or “Is that a PSA in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Norway’s sex education charity RFSU has the PSA to, um, beat ’em all.  (And one 19 year old has a very different summer job …)

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And, in breaking news from Mexico, Jesus Christ yet AGAIN in a tortilla …

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Primo Engrish of the day: or, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said just that.”

ENGRISH tee shirt
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Hot fun in the summertime!

SUMMER circumcis

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Truly creative product placement

shades of grey

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A taste treat (of a sort) from the Vile Vintage Recipe Vault

FOOD lime jello tuna 2

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Somewhat unappetizing restaurant slogans

wigging weenie m
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Book titles that don’t quite work

tramp for the lord

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Probably the strangest, wildest, and most peculiar dance video you’ll see all day (or all week. Or all month …): Hooray for disco Bollywood!

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from the Products I Don’t Even Want to THINK About Department

flesh chairFINALLY?!?  Wha?!?!  Call me nuts, but I don’t think I’ve ever thought “oh, how I want a chair that replicates the look, feel, and smell of human flesh.”  But maybe that’s just me …

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Typo of the day, or Why to leave town Tuesday night

SUMMER weather wed 7001

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Meanwhile across the pond … : The headline of the day

Yup, your typical dwarf pretending to be a Dalek storyangry dwarf

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Lost in translation sign of the day: Because so many people are typically tempted to excrete

CHINGLISH do not excrete on floor
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