The 10 Stupidest How-Do-They-Even-End-Up-Getting-Picked-For-The-Game Game Show Contestants

10.     Family Feud Host Richard Dawson:  Real or fictional, name a famous Willie.
Contestant:   Willie the Pooh

9.     Weakest Link host Anne Robinson:   Who wrote “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”?
Contestant:  Dr. Seuss.

8.     Family Fortunes host Les Dennis:  Name something easy to do forwards but difficult to do backwards.
Contestant:  Eating.

7.    Playing for Time host:  What letter is used twice in the word “fillet”?
Contestant: Fish.

6.     Family Feud host Richard Dawson:   Name an invention that has replaced stairs.
Contestant:  The wheel.

5.    Weakest Link host Anne Robinson:  Complete the title of the well-known play, The Iceman….
contestant:  Melts.

4.    Family Feud Host Richard Dawson: Name the first thing you take off after work.
Contestant: Umm.. Underwear.

3.     Family Fortunes host Les Dennis:     Name a song with “Moon” in the title.
Contestant:   Blue Suede Shoes.

2.    Family Feud host Richard Dawson:  Name something you might accidentally leave on all night.
Contestant:  Your shoe.

1.     Newlywed Game show host Bob Eubanks: What will your husband say is the one thing he absolutely forbids you to put on his wiener?
Contestant #1: He hates onions.
Eubanks: Onions.
Contestant #1: No onions.
Eubanks: Yes, all right.  Nona?
Contestant #2: Ben-gay.