The Stupidest How-To Instructions On Line, Courtesy of eHow

So the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is on tonight (marking yet another high note for excellence on television, of course) and you, like many other people, may ask yourself this pressing question:  How does one become a Victoria’s Secret model?

You’ll be happy to know that the step-by-step instructions are actually on line.  And, if we’re to believe eHow,  it’s amazingly easy!   Let’s take a look at the first two of the seven steps:

  1. Search online by entering “Become a Victoria’s Secret model” into your web browser. You’ll find current information about how to become a Victoria’s Secret model.
  2. Peruse the websites of the Elite Modeling Agency and the Ford Modeling Agency. They are the 2 agencies who currently book models for Victoria’s Secret.

Gee, it sounds like anyone can become a Victoria’s Secret model, no?*

* (A:  No.)

the hairpin