The Stupidest or Possibly Simply Just the Most Unique Dress (Did we mention it’s made out of fake pulsating skin?)

It’s part of a collection called Like Living Organisms, made by Dutch designers  Cor Baauw and Leonie Baauw of Local Androids — and the dress and neckpiece are made of  hand-painted silcone skin that has a pulse that quickens when someone comes close to the wearer.

Weird?  You bet.

Like living organisms from Local Androids on Vimeo
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The Stupidest Egg-Shaped Long Distance Kissing Product We’ve Ever Seen

And, okay, it’s the first one too.It’s the Kissing Egg … or, more precisely, the “Kissenger” (really!) as the scientists who developed it call it.

From New Scientist:

Kissenger comprises a pair of pressure-sensitive soft plastic lips which protrude through a smooth plastic casing the size of a large Easter egg.

The lips contain pressure sensors and actuators. When you kiss them, the shape changes you create are transmitted in real time over the net to a receiving Kissenger. There, the actuators reproduce the mirror image of the pressure patterns you created– magically transmitting your smacker to your partner.

“People have found it a very positive way to improve intimacy in communications with their partners when they are apart,” claims Hooman Samani of Singapore-based Lovotics, which developed the device.

The device is a prototype and Samani says it will not be commercialised until “all the ethical and technical considerations are covered”. He adds: “I am not interested in sexual uses for it.”

Hmm… we’re getting a few ideas though.


The Stupidest (but Coolest) Attempt to Entertain the Elderly

Robot heads from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology’s Center for Intelligent Robotics perform Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Very weird. Very intense. Very bizarre. What more do you want from a robot performance?  Oh, and they’ve been created to entertain the elderly.  (?  No, we don’t get it either …)