The Stupidest (and Saddest) Introduction to Internet Porn

An Egyptian man, Ramadan, who claims he never watched porn on the Internet before finally succumbed while at an Internet cafe. So he clicked and watched and there on the screen was … wait, let’s let Ramadan explain:

“I found 11 films showing my wife in indecent scenes with her lover….it was the first time I watched a porno film and I did this just out of curiosity. She first denied it and accused me of being insane before I faced her with the films…she then confessed to be still in love with her boyfriend, saying he is as young as her and that I am an old man.”

We do not know if this was enough to make Ramadan swear off porn … or if, on the other hand (so to speak), it’s filling that new void in his life.


The Stupidest Stuffed Lion (or Quasi-Lion, as the case may be . . . )

Here’s a problem:  What do you do if you’re a royal taxidermist and are given a lion skin to stuff — but you’ve never seen a lion?  Hint:  you wind up with . . .

That’s what happened with King Frederick of Sweden’s lion back in 1731.  He had gotten the lion as a gift from the ruler of Algiers.  And when the lion died, the king wanted it stuffed.  The result — utter stupidity.  Instead of the “King of the Beasts” the king got a stuffed cartoon character.


The Stupidest Pilot Mistakes

Pilots, just like the rest of us, make stupid mistakes — the problem is we’re depending on them.  Which is why this slideshow of stupid and dumb pilot errors is funny — and a little nervous-making.  Like the two pilots who either fell asleep or were so busy looking at their laptops that they “forgot to land”, or the Air India pilots who got into a fight in the cockpit and things got out of hand that the fight spilled over into the passenger area.
Have a pleasant flight!

The Stupidest Snowplowing Attempt of the Day

We were hammered by snow here in New York, so our thoughts have been focused a great deal on, well, on snow.   Snow removal to be more precise.  Thus this video.

This makes a lot of sense if you’re an idiot:  A guy has a little personal mini-plow that can’t push a foot of snow, besides getting stuck every minute — so he’s got a huge snow plow to push him pushing the snow!

The Stupidest Missing Person Story of the Week

England has been dealing with massive snowstorms, whiteout producing blizzards and Arctic cold.  So police in Kent were justly concerned when a woman called 999 (England’s 911) to report a missing person.  The call went as follows:

woman: I haven’t been out to check on him for five hours but I went outside for a fag (cigarette) and he’s gone.
operator:  Who’s gone?
woman:    My snowman. I thought that with it being icy and there not being anybody about he’d be safe.

Needless to say, police didn’t consider this a true emergency.  And they did not search for the missing snowman.

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The Stupidest Wedding of the Week, Bride Optional

Joseph Guiso’s wife is a real dog.  Literally.

After five years of living together, the Australian man married a Labrador Retriever, Honey, in Laurel Bank Park in front of thirty of their friends and family.

Guiso’s vows (which he wrote himself) included the line:  “You’re my best friend and you make every part of my day better.”  Honey apparently did not recite any vows.

“It’s not sexual. It’s just pure love,” Guiso later explained.

Which makes us feel a bit better about this.

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The Stupidest Wedding Photo Trend, Clothing Optional

So you want something different than the typical wedding shots?    Want to really wow the people flipping through your photo album?   Howzabout getting pictures taken of you two like this . . .

Or like this . . . ? 

These kind of wedding photos are the hot trend in China.  Brides and grooms doff the ol’ wedding regalia and opt for skimpy Adam and Eve fig leafs, diaphanous Greek god/goddess drapery, angel wings, lingerie . . . or just go nude (with veil and top hat for that extra touch).

Tasteful?  Well, not really.  Memorable, definitely!