In honor of Black History Month, here is an incredibly dubious vintage use of Frederick Douglass as Hair Product Pitchman

Once upon a time, back in the 1970s, an advertising copywriter had a brilliant idea:  Let’s use famous former slave/abolitionist Frederick Douglass in an ad for Afro Sheen!  And the rest is history (which you can see below).

(Note: In fairness, perhaps Frederick Douglass would care about the state of someone’s natural.  But that does not mitigate the somewhat unusual effect of this ad.)

The Stupidest Educational Film Warning About Syphillis, Defense-Department-Style

Trust the Defense Department to come up with a truly novel way to warn people against the dangers of venereal disease.  Here’s the (taxpayer-funded, of course) cartoon starring . . . Count Spirochete!  (He hangs in out your penis!  He goes into a woman’s vagina!  He’s bad!)

armed with science