The Stupidest Rather Limp Attempt at Starting a New Dance Craze from the Vintage Video Department

One of Neil Sedaka’s, erm, lesser songs (and for good reason), from the 1966 film Sting of Death. Girls in tight pants dancing by a pool and lyrics like “Wella, I’m saying fella, forget your Cinderella and do the jella, the jilla-jalla jellyfish!”  — what’s not to love?

Thanks (thanks?!?!) to Craig Downey for turning us onto this gem of cheesiness!

The Stupidest Dairy Product-Based Performance Art

Yes, it’s the Butter Dance — performed by Indonesian performance artist  Melati Suryodarmot  (NOT Paula Deen …).  Said “art” consists of dancer dancing in butter, falling in butter, getting up again and so on.  It is perhaps the best butter-based dance we’ve seen.  (It is also the only one we’ve seen.)