The Stupidest Celebrity-Under-The-Age-Of-17 Memoir

The “author”:  boy singer Justin Bieber joins the ranks of other celebrity writers.
The literary work:  A memoir examining the 16 years of his life —entitled First Step 2 Forever:  My Story.

If you aren’t feeling a little ill yet, look at the following — a dramatic reading from the book by 80-year-old Canadian actor Gordon Pinsenton on CBC’s satirical sketch comedy show”This Hour has 22 Minutes”.

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2 Responses to The Stupidest Celebrity-Under-The-Age-Of-17 Memoir

  1. Jessica McIntyre says:

    I <3 Justin Beiber! Sure the first time i hear him on the radio I thought he was lesbo….. but now that I know he's a guy I love him ssoooo much

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