2 thoughts on “The Stupidest Yet Clearly Crucial New York Times Correction Notice, Cute

  1. This isn’t stupid at all. I’m guessing they did it because Ms. Lindsmith was distressed over their incorrect identification of the My Little Pony she likes so much. Aspergers’ is a mental handicap, and someone with it may become extremely attached to something. If this is the case here, I think that the New York Times did the right thing by issuing the correction for her. It shows that they are compassionate and understand how upsetting it may have been for her.

    • That’s a very good point — and I like the concept of a compassionate newspaper indeed! In all truth, I agree with you and put the correction up more because it SOUNDED stupid than because of any intrinsic stupidity. (Also, must admit, succumbed to peer pressure — it was all over so many blogs and a number of people sent it in. I capitulated, what can I say?!?)

      All that said, thanks for your very serious reply and insight to a post on a very silly blog. And I do sincerely apologize if this offended in any way.


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