The Top 10 Stupidest, Most Incredibly Annoying Things Said by Rich People: 1% of the Population, 1% of the Compassion (and 1% of the Intelligence?)

The Occupy Wall Street people are saying that the 1% is heartless and just don’t understand.  We say, “Whaddya talkin’ about?!?”   They care.  They really care.  Just read these insightful quotes from some of the 1%.

#1:  “It’s so bad being homeless in winter. They should go somewhere warm like the Caribbean where they can eat fresh fish all day.”  —model/socialite Lady Victoria Hervey

Fun Facts about Lady Victoria Hervey:
•  elder daughter of the 6th marquess of Bristol (England); family worth was reportedly $75.6 million (until her stepbrother spent most of it, allegedly on heroin, cocaine and male prostitutes); parents moved to Monaco as “tax exiles.”
•  sued for allegedly refusing to repay a £5000 ($8000) loan from a friend.



#2:  “I always lived very frugally. I flew around on a private jet. I had a boat. But I always lived very frugally.”  —billionaire financier and alleged Ponzi scheme operator Allen Stanford

Fun Facts about Allen Stanford:
•  After being knighted in Antigua and Barbuda in 2006, began using the title “Sir Allen.”
•  Accused of running $8 billion Ponzi scheme; arrested in 2009; at the time of his arrest was estimated to have a net worth of $2 billion.
•  Used to play a lot of cricket; now is addicted to anti-anxiety medication.

#3:  “What was hard [during this recession] was giving up my live-in maid five days a week. My daughter said, do we really need somebody? So I cut back, and I just hired somebody for two days. And you know, it kind of  brought our family together.  We cook together more as a family.  Normally when the housekeeper was there cooking for us, my husband would be off with the paper and I would be on the phone with my friends and the kids were doing homework. I do have the woman make one extra dinner for us though, and one or two nights we do order in, and a lot of times we will go out.”   —Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer

Fun Facts about Ramona Singer:
•  one of the original “Real Housewives of New York” known for her fondness for Pinot Grigio white wine.
•  An “astute businesswoman” who “has taken the beauty and accessory industries by storm” (according to her own web site).  Her businesses include Tru Renewal skin care, True Faith Jewelry, Ramona Singer Collections on Amazon and most notably, Ramona Singer Jewelry for HSN.  And Ramona Pinot Grigio wine.
•  Reportedly has a net worth of about $18 million

#4:I have not been to my house in Bermuda for two or three years – and the same goes for my house in Portofino … How long do I have to keep leading this life of sacrifice?” —Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi

Fun Facts about Silvio Berlusconi:
President of Italy and Italy’s richest man, nicknamed Il Cavaliere (literally, The Knight).
• Ranked by Forbes as the 74th richest man in the world in 2010
• According to bank records, gave nearly €3 million (about $4 million) in cash as gifts to his female admirers and spent an additional €337,000 (about $463,000) on jewelry which he handed out as presents.  Reportedly received “gifts” of a different kind from these female admirers at so-called “bunga-bunga” parties.

#5: “[I’m] insulted by the offer of 10 million per year. I’ve got my family to feed.” —basketball player Latrell Sprewell

Fun Facts about Latrell Sprewell:
• Career ended when he refused a $21 million a year, 3-year contract from the Timberwolves.
• Yacht repossessed by federal marshals in 2007;  defaulted on $1.5 mortgage on a Milwaukee house in 2008; his Westchester (NY) mansion was foreclosed in 2009.
 Currently the number one delinquent taxpayer in the state of Wisconsin., owing $3.5 million in back income taxes

#6: “It’s the summer season coming up, so my patients must have [plastic surgery] tuneups.  But instead of doing liposuction on seven areas, they’re doing three or four.  These decisions are so painful.”  —plastic surgeon Pamela Lipkin explaining the difficulties of the economic downturn

Fun Facts about Pamela Lipkin:
Married to multi-millionaire real estate developer Bruce Ratner (net worth roughly $400 million, according to USA Today).
• Lives on the Upper East side in a $7 million brownstone.
• Will only buy jewelery at auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christies.  As she says:  “I cannot deal with paying retail.”

#7:  “I can’t understand all the fuss about student grants.  Carol managed to  save out of hers.  Of course, we paid for her skiing holidays.” —British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, talking about how easy it is to save for college.

Fun Facts about Margaret Thatcher:
• British prime minister for 11 years — best known for dismantling many of the social programs of the Labour Party and for financial deregulation.
• After left political office, worked as “geopolitical consultant” for tobacco giant Philip Morris from $250,000 a year plus a contribution of another $250k to her foundation each year.  Also hit the speechmaking circuit, averaging about $50,000 per speech.

#8:  “Don Simpson had no money.  Maybe $30 million at the most.  That’s nothing.” —producer Jon Peters

Fun Facts about Jon Peters:
Started as hairdresser, became singer Barbra Streisand’s hairdresser, then boyfriend, then manager, then hotshot Hollywood producer.
•  Worth about $75 million, but has spent some of his fortune on sexual harassment suits — in 2011, was ordered to pay $822,000 in lost wages plus $2.5 million in punitive damages to his accuser.
•  His ex wife summed him up thus:  “[He is] a madman, crazy and mean. But he has a beautiful heart.”

#9:  q:  “What are you getting paid to direct and star in this film?”
—singer/actress Barbra Streisand:  “I’d rather not talk about money.  It’s kind of gross.”

Fun Facts about Barbra Streisand:
Estimated net worth estimated to be anything from about $140 million to $625 million, and was the 2nd highest earning female musician according to Forbes in 2008.
•  Has a rather frugal reputation:  said to have once left a ten dollar tip on a $457 check;  “donated” tickets to charity (but told organizations they had to buy each ticket for face value of $350 — then sell them for $1000, no more,  no less).
• Once explained that  “I only want two houses rather than seven.  I feel like letting go of things.”  Of course, one of her houses is a 10,000 square foot oceanfront mansion in Malibu …

#10: “There’s no way to make everybody rich.  I don’t even know if it’s worth the trouble because the life of a rich person, in general, is very boring.”
—Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Fun Facts about Fernando Henrique Cardoso:
President of Brazil for two terms (during one of the country’s biggest corruption scandals) from 1995 to 2002; also a sociologist and professor.
• Actually not that bad of a guy — credited with land reform and getting rid of terrible inflation, but apparently had corrupt advisors  (and clearly had a knack for a stupid quote about wealth).

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  1. it’s sad but true that the wealthiest 1 percent are heartless, cruel and incredibly stupid. like my boss worth over 100 million and asked me to take a pay down, because they couldn’t afford me. then was told not to fax my timesheets at their expense but mine. their savings 1 to 3 dollars.these people are shameless and that’s the reason the worlds poverty levels are skyrocketing. and that’s part of the reason i’m now living the vida homeless

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