The Top 10 Stupidest Things the London Fire Brigade has had to free people from

The  London Fire Brigade has released a list of the weirdest things people have gotten stuck in — and required the helpful hands of the Fire Brigade.    Their choices for the oddest “Help, I’m Stuck” emergency calls:

10. A man with his penis stuck in a toaster.

9. A child with a tambourine stuck on its head.

8. A child with its hand trapped in a sweet machine.

7. A child with its head trapped in an ironing board.

6 An adult stuck in a child’s toy car.

5. A child with its head stuck in a massage chair.

4. A man with his arm stuck in a portapotty.

3. Someone with a test tube stuck on their finger.

2. A child with its foot stuck in a brass vase.

1. A man with a sewing machine needle stuck in his finger.

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