5 thoughts on “The worst (truly) Beatles medley ever, as “interpreted” by an Italian disco singer.

  1. Well, I made it for the full 7 min.! Where to begin—1) she can’t sing
    2) the dancers look like they studied at the ministry of silly walks
    3) please tell me how to make my eyes stop bleeding!

    • I’m amazed you made it through it! Just be glad I didn’t put up her version of “Eleanor Rigby.” (Actually, I just might put it up … Don’t kill me!)

  2. Well, I’m sort of a live and let live type of person, especially when it comes to artistic expression, but I have to say that (whether because the site said it would be painful or because of the video itself) it actually did hurt my brain/eyes. There are several right ways to do the Beatles but very few wrong ways and this video is one of the latter.

    On the other hand, the lady clearly went with her own interpretation not caring what anyone else thought (hopefully she realized that most would thinks he’s insane). I have to admire that.

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